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Valor's Story

How it all Started

Jay Valor Band is not so much a band as it is an experience. Rooted in the true Geographical south of Miami, the band surpasses genre definitions. They are certainly Country but it does not suffice to define them as such. Elements of Rock N Roll, Southern Rock, Reggae, Fusion, Swing and Ballad Rock are yet a few definable aspects of Jay Valor Band. It is not by chance that they are so diverse their story is one to behold. A tale of coincidence and fate.


Jay Valor began a search for new members of his band after growing tired of mediocrity. After having an established Guitar section he came into contact with an old college buddy. Lef MIlthiezer was an ungodly combination of Tremendous theoretical knowledge of the Bass Guitar and nasty groove. He decided to give Jay Valor band a chance and fell in love. Lef brings elements of Metal, Jazz, Funk and Sludge. He has been able to adapt to any and every song with intense finesse! On their path towards recording the song Make Up Your Mind they were not able to use their current drummer, so Lef called upon his long time friend and Band mate, Dodat (Clay Clyde, by golly.) Dodat answered the call without hesitation and joined the Jay Valor ranks as full time drummer. Dodat brings a background of tight rhythm and flawless fills. He used his experience with Rock and Roll and Metal to keep the music interesting. 

Jay Valor Band's musical ecstasy will envelop your ears with bliss. The country side will unfold before your eyes as the sun sets in your heart. Deep musical layers will wash over you like quiet waves of a distant beer filled beach. Jay Valor band will send you on an emotional journey that will not be easily matched by any group.

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